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Why Stone Coat?


Top Reasons To Stone Coat


Maintenance Free

All products never required cleaning or painting. You can be assured of never having to clean, prep, or paint your pipes, vents, or other flashings. No UV deterioration or rust ever again!

Durable & Strong

Due to proprietary formulation of products, they will withstand hail, freeze, thaw and extreme heat.

25 Year Warranty

Products are backed by a 25 year product warranty.

Aesthetic Appeal

Products make all those unsightly vents and flashings completely blend in and additionally complement any roof or color.

Fast, Easy & Universal Installation

Products are universal for all standard types of installations making them extremely fast and easy to install, with no special tools or equipment required.

Time & Money Saving

Because products are so easy to install, you will save time from spray painting, which means you will spend less money finishing your jobs.

No Leaks

Flashings are sealed water tight at the seam. Various manufacturer’s flashings leak that the seam of the cone leaks and spray paint cannot seal it.

Affordable & Cost Effective

Products are reasonably priced so that you can easily include them on every roof, giving the customer that final look of distinction..

Marketing Edge

Products on all of your roofs will give you a competitive edge over the rest of the competition while making it your personal signature of quality.


Before & After Stone Coating


Does your flashing look like the ones below? Stone Coating can bring you that final touch of quality that brings unity and elegance to your roof. See our before & after gallery below.


No more rubber collars, No more spray paint.
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